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Week 2

Thursday: Off

Friday 14/09/12: CP based, Squat intense + O-lift intense + CP battery/UB/LB


A. BSq, 5,3,3; rest 2min

B. High hang squat clean 1-3 ladder, @ 50kg; rest 2min x3

C1. 7 Ring rows; rest 30sec x10

C2. 5 Thrusters @ 30kg; rest 30sec x10



A: Done @ 70, 80, 82.5kgsFirst set of 5 felt pretty solid so I jumped to 80kgs but this was really heavy and tough!! I only went up 2.5kgs for the last set of 3 and I got two reps out and failed the last!!! My squat feels like it has definitely suffered from the time away from training 😦

B: Done and the first rep was ok, the two reps not too bad but the three reps I struggled with!! I felt as though I was folding at the hips and my elbows were not high enough to get me out of the front squat position!!

C1: Ring rows felt pretty solid today!

C2: Thrusters felt pretty good once I decided to use my legs!!!!

Not the best training day but I got through it and am ready to move onto the next thing 🙂





Wednesday 12/09/12: Speed touches + CP cycles/Aerobic flow

A. 1 high box jump every 30sec for 5min

B. @ 70% 10min: 5 KBS @ 16kg + run to end of carpark and back

C. 3-4 Strict toes to bar every min for 10min

D. @ 70% 10min: AD 1min + 30sec single skips + 30sec sit ups


A: Done on the big wooden box with two 20kg plates on top (forgot to measure). Felt good!!

B: Done and felt good to start but started to fatigue a little in the run towards the end….

C: Done, concerntrated on controlling my legs down so I didn’t swing at all. 4 reps each time.

D: Done, move and breathe….. no complaints 🙂

Week 2

Monday: Off


Tuesday 11/09/12: Postural work + CP based, O-lift tech + CP battery + GBC protocol, sq/pull/drag

A. 5min psoas prep + lower leg love

B. Power snatch x1; rest 1:30 x10 – only last few sets tough

C. Split jerk @ 80% RM x3x3; rest 2min

D1. 10 Goblet squats; rest 20sec x5

D2. 10 pull ups; rest 20sec x5

D3. Sled drag 1min; rest 2min x5


A: Done and will do some more on it tonight as my left side is really quite tight….

B: Weights were 25, 27.5, 30, 30, 35, 35, 37.5, 37.5, 40, 40kgs

I started light as I haven’t done a power snatch for a while and wanted to feel comfortable before adding any load. Michal pointed out that when I catch it, it looks like my shoulders are uneven, but after he watched a couple more reps he noticed that the problem was coming from my hips. My left hip doesn’t open like my right side does and that makes it look uneven in  the catch position…. More mobility work needed to help fix this!!

C: Done @ 57.5kgs….. This felt heavy at first but then started to get under the bar and into  solid landing position quicker which helped! Wrists were sore after…..

D1, D2, D3: Done @ 16kg, unbroken pull ups and tire + 25kg sled…. Move and breath 🙂

Monday 03/09/12  (Walk/run aerobic)

10 mins psoas mobility/dynamic hip mobility


10 mins as:

30sec run

30 sec walk


10min dynamic mobility


10 min as:

30 sec run

30 sec walk


I did this session in the morning, fasted. Run felt good on the legs/hips but felt a little puffed (unfit) towards the end… otherwise no complaints!


Tuesday 04/09/12  OFF

Wednesday 05/09/12: Postural work + CP based, O-lift tech + CP battery + GBC protocol, sq/pull/drag

A. 5min psoas prep + lower leg love

B. 3 pos power snatch (high. knee. just below knee) x1; rest 1:30 x5 – all moderate sets

C. Split jerk, 1 perfect/low rep every 30sec @ 50kg for 5min

D1. 10 Goblet squats; rest 20sec x4

D2. 10 pull ups; rest 20sec x4

D3. Sled drag 1min; rest 2min x4


A: Done

B: Done at 25, 30, 30, 30, 32.5kgs, all felt good, grip strength (hands) was the biggest limiter here. Have to hold catch position a bit longer!

C: Done, started a little rusty but then felt nice and solid 🙂

D1, D2, D3: Goblet squats done with 16kg KB and felt good, Pull ups felt a little awkward as I haven’t done them in a while but all unbroken and the sled drag was done with the tire sled and a 25kg dumbell, this was pretty tough!!!

Thursday 06/09/12: Speed touches + CP cycles/Aerobic flow

A. Build to a challenging box jump every min for 10min

B. @ 70% 10min: on the minute.. 1 Wall walk + AD time remaining in minute

C. 3 Strict toes to bar every min for 10min

D. @ 70% 10min: on the minute.. 5 ball slams + row time remaining


A: Built to 85cm as a challenging hight. Did on every minute and it felt good 🙂 no complaints

B: Done, legs started to get a little gassed towards the end of this one and wall walk felt good!

C: This was a little tougher than I thought it would be but I got the job done…

D: Shoulders were taxed at the end of this but otherwise good 🙂


Friday 07/09/12: Rest

Saturday 08/09/12

AM: Session 1

Barbell jump squats @ 20/15, 3 explosive reps every min for 5min
OH med ball toss cluster, 1.1.1; rest 90sec x3
1 Round every 6min for 24min @ 85-90% effort:
Run 800m
15 Burpees


A: Done first 3 sets @ 20kg, last 3 sets @ 25kg

B: Done

C: Times – 3:18, 3:28, 3:40, 3:56….. The first run felt really good, after that it got harder really quickly!! The last run was a massive struggle!!!!

Had a bit of pain in my left calf, probably from a cramp I had earlier in the week that woke me in the middle of the night…


Session 2. @ Murramurang Beach

Grinder effort:

20 Heavy SA KB snatches (10/arm)

40 Squats

60 Bear crawl

8 x 25m wade + 15m beach run

60m Bear crawl

40 Squats

20 Heavy SA KB snatches (10/am)


DONE!!! This one was definitely a grinder…. The 60m bear crawl was very pleasant!!! Overall was an enjoyable session and finished it with a dip in the beautiful water 🙂

Sunday 09/09/12
Session 1.
90min early am fasted walk:
• 15 inch worms
• Partner based upper body push and pull endurance (lat pull down, Pull ups, shoulder press)
• Bwt circuit (5 gate up and overs, 10 high box jumps, 15 bench dips)
• 3 person carry over rocks


Great way to start the day, really enjoyed this training session and was a good chance to catch up/get to know people better 🙂

Session 2.
30min FMS movement screen on beach


This was a very good session to find out what I need to work on with mobility and how to test/ re-test in future…





Saturday 18th August I boarded a beautiful boat which I made my home for the next 7 nights. We departed Split, Croatia and made our way to our first island…. each day we have breakfast on the boat (unfortunately only continental breakfast) then we anchor for a swim/snorkle stop for an hour or two then lunch which was usually soup/broth and some form of meat and veggies. Each night we docked at a different island and got off the boat for dinner and a chance to explore…..


Unfortunately there wasn’t alot of space to train on the boat so for this week my training consisted of a bit of swimming, lots of walking, a couple of hikes and some sun baking 🙂

I treated this as a week off and some time to relax and enjoy my holiday.


Week 2 13/08/12 – 16/08/12

1. Hypoxic work
Swim 50m easy; rest as needed x5
10 x max distance underwater; rest 30sec 
Swim 50m easy; rest as needed x5


Did this on Monday 13/08/12 around midday. Ben and I went down to the pool and had the whole 50m pool to ourselves!! It was like it wasn’t hot enough for people to be swimming unlike the week before when the pool was packed!!

The swimming felt good today, did 7 laps in freestyle, 1 back storke and 2 breast stroke. I could measure the distance of the under water swim as there were no markers poolside and I really have no idea when it comes to guessing the distance :/ but job done and it felt better than last time I was doing this!!

2. ALE 1 + aerobic 
25 Unbroken burpees; rest 4min x3
5 sets @ moderate effort:
Swim out freestlye
Swim back back stroke
Climb out of water and rest 30sec 
Rest 5min stretching psoas
30sec bear crawl; rest 30sec x10

Did this on Tuesday 14/08/12 in the morning. Again went down to an empty pool but unfortunately I forgot to take my watch down!! Did the 25 unbroken burpees and they felt pretty good but I wasn’t able to time them, last set got pretty tiring!!

With the swim I felt that the 30sec rest wasn’t enough and I was quite puffed…. I completed the first two sets ok but then noticed my breathing in the freestyle went downhill.

Psoas stretch done!

Bear crawl also done and was tougher than I thought esp after the burpees and swimming!!

5 sets @ moderate effort:
20 Air squats
30 Anchored sit ups
40 Single skips
Rest 1min

Wednesday- OFF and I had a Serbian massage and I have to say it was the weirdest massage I have ever had!!! I will leave it at that 🙂

Did session 3 on Thursday 16/08/12 @ 5:30am as I couldn’t sleep…..

All felt good, no complaints there….. Stretched psoas again and just some general mobility…

Time to say my goodbyes to all the family before we pack our bags and head to Croatia tomorrow morning!!

I arrived in Serbia on Thursday 2nd August and stayed in Belgrade for the night after 39 hours of travel due to a 12 hour delay in Turkey. Needless to say my body was wrecked and I was so swollen!!! We then traveled for another hour the following day to Svilajnac where we are staying with our cousins. It has been over 40 degrees almost everyday and the swelling in my ankles didn’t go away until about Wednesday last week (08/08/12) FINALLY…. Over the first weekend of being here we met a lot of family and friends of dad’s and every time you visit someone, they do nothing but feed you so I have put on some weight but have told them that I can not eat that much food anymore!!! I managed to find a small gym down the street, so my sisters boyfriend Ben and I paid $10 each to train there for two weeks (its so very cheap here in Serbia). I have loved training there as it is very different to back home!!! We have also gone for a jog around town exploring but it was very hot so have not done it again…. It has finally started to cool down now though so we will venture out again soon!! I did two training sessions in the ‘sports’ area of one of the local Ag schools early in the mornings and Loved it!!!

Anyway here is what I have done so far….

First week  6/08/12 – 11/08/12

Tuesday 07/08/12


5 x 1 min sets @ 90%

12 DB push press @ 10kg

AMRAP becks burpees in the time remaining 

Rest 5 mins


Recovery swim in the water for 30 mins doing whatever I like.


AM session, Done and got 20, 20, 20, 21, 21 beck burpees. Was pretty puffed at the end of each set but felt that I recovered pretty quickly.

PM – We went to the pool and there was no shallow end so we spent a lot of time treading water and did a couple of laps (50m) it was nice to be in a pool again and especially in this 40 degree heat!!! But it was still nothing compared to my usual Sunday swim sessions back home….


Wednesday 08/08/12

A: Muscle up work, set up a moderate hight, perform 1 rep/attempt per min for 10 mins.

B: Find a high object to jump on and do 3 sets of 5-15 reps (depending on hight)

C: 5 sets:

5  jump squats

3 kipping ring pull ups

1 handstand walk attempt

rest 1 minute


Went to the Agriculture school and set up the rings on a pull up bar in their ‘sports’ area out the back.

A: Started the rings a little lower to practice my technique and that felt good, put the rings higher and higher again until I was only able to do a little jump and was still able to catch myself in the ring dip position comfortably. I then put them high enough so that I had to do a kipping swing into it for the last 3 mins but I couldn’t get high enough to into the dip position.

B: I found what is a small concrete grandstand along side the basketball court and used that to jump on. It was around 65cm so I did 3 sets of 12 and it felt fine 🙂

C: The 5 sets of work felt good although my handstand walks have gone down hill and doing them on an outdoor basketball court didn’t help the hands!!

Thursday 09/08/12

15 min AMRAP 

5 Heavy object tosses

30m bear crawl

30 single skips


I didn’t have anything heavy to throw that wouldn’t break so I went back to the school to do this one on the basketball courts and I found part of an old sleeper so I used that to throw…. I think it would have weighed around 10kgs….. It was a little awkward to throw but it worked!

I did this session early morning before we left for Guca and I really enjoyed this session. I think I got around 12 rounds but I lost count!!

Friday OFF

Saturday 11/08/12

CP o-lift snatch tech + o-lift jerk intense + CP tester

A: Low hang power snatch, snatch balance, 1.1 off blocks if possible rest 2 mins x5 -only last two sets tough

B: Behind neck split jerk, build to heavy single over 5-7 sets total.

C: 7,5,3,3,2,2,1,1 reps for time:

Front squats @ 60kg 

Strict pull ups


A: Managed to do the Snatch work off blocks just below the knees. Snatch felt pretty good today but still having a little bit of trouble maintaining a good grip on the fat  bars… Snatch weights were 25, 30, 35, 37.5, 40kgs. Last two sets were tough and not being able to dump the bar is a big factor when oly lifitng :/

B: Behind the neck split jerk also felt pretty good today, felt as though I was getting under the bar quickly and my landing was solid!!

Built to a heavy single of 65kg in 5 sets. Could have gone heavier but again I can’t dump the bar so I couldn’t afford to fail a rep….

C: CP tester done in 4:51

FS @ 60kg was pretty tough but felt solid and with the strict pull ups I feel as I may have lost a little pull up strength there but the heat and no chalk was the limiter as I kept slipping off the bar… it also took a bit of time to rack the bar each time as the rack I had to use was  little too high.

Overall a good session, felt great lifting again 🙂


Phase 3 week 5.2

Tuesday 17/07/12 (a bit of prep for the Winter Test Series)

AMRAP burpees in 45secs


Rest 4 mins


Row 250m @ 95% effort


Rest 4 mins


AMRAP TNG Push Press @ 30kg in 45 secs


Rest 4 mins


2mins @ 95% effort

5KBS @ 24kgs

5 TNG Box Jumps @ 50cm


Rest 8 mins


5 mins @ 85% effort

8 Ball Slams @ 12kg

15 Double unders



  • 22 Burpees in 45 sec
  • 250m in 53secs
  • 27 Push Press @ 30kg in 45 sec
  • 4 rounds of KBS and Box Jumps
  • 5 rounds of Ball slams and DUs

Overall happy with todays session…. I really enjoyed it :)))



Phase 3 Week 5.1

Monday 16/07/12 (CP Based, O-lift intense + Double under volume + UB pull/push moderate + core)

A. Power snatch, build to heavy single quickly

B. Snatch balance, build to heavy single quickly

C. Squat snatch, build to heavy single quickly

D1. Supinated pull ups @ 11X0, 2-3reps; rest 10sec x3

D2. AMRAP (-2) ring push ups; rest 10sec x3

D3. Bear crawl 20m-30m; rest 2min x3

E. AMRAP sets of 10 unbroken double unders in 5min


A: Power Snatch built to 42.5kg…… felt pretty good today.

B: Snatch Balance, built to 40kgs….. should have set up a rack for this one but oh well….. felt a little slow going into the squat.

C: Squat snatch, built to 37.5kg. I had 40kgs but didn’t get out of the squat position. I was getting under the bar really fast and the transition was feeling good but my chest kept dropping in the squat position. I think this is more of a mobility issue through my lats and shoulders maybe.

D1: Completed 3 reps each set. This felt really easy.

D2: Got 11, 10,9 reps, no issue there.

Bear crawl done

E: Completed 12 sets of unbroken 10 DUs…. Shoulders were pretty gassed at this point and I was trying to concentrate on staying relaxed! I did this more as skill work rather than a test…

Phase 3 week 4.6

Sunday 15/07/12

Today I enjoyed a swim, spa and plunge pool session at the AIS….

I did 800m mixed strokes, rested as needed (pretty much after each 50m lap)….. with a couple of coaching tips from Rosko my freestyle felt alot better towards the end 🙂 I then enjoyed the spa and braved 3 hits in the plunge pool…. not as bad as I thought it was going to be!!!

A great way to start the day, followed by a delicious breakfast at 2B410 with Coach Rosko and Joelle 🙂 Bliss